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The Good Dog Minute 8/25/14: Thunder, severe leash aggression before and after

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Hey all, this is a turnaround that we’re awfully proud of! Thunder, an 85 pound Goldendoodle, came to us with

Good Dog Saturday

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Wanna know what our days look like over here?, Here’s a minute long glimpse at some of the behind the

How To Train E-collar Recall With Your Dog.

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Hey all, I get a ton of messages, posts, and emails asking for more videos showing our E-collar work and

The Good Dog Minute 8/13/14: Using E-collar to transform pulling pit bull

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Hey all, here’s a short video showing Ms Marci, a young out of control pittie, with some major pulling issues,

The Good Dog Minute 8/13/14: Koda, the skateboard hater turnaround!

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Hey all, anyone who remembers the striking Mr Koda (who looked like a giant wolf!) will recall he was with

Persistence, commitment, and continued effort

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Remember guys, no matter how hard you work, no matter how determined you are, no matter how great the tools are, changing your dog’s behavior and turning around bad habits is gonna be a journey and it’s gonna take time.

The one thing I see over and over with my clients who are successful, is the same ingredient that creates success in all other aspects of life: persistence, commitment, and continued effort – even when things get bumpy. My clients that are enjoying awesome stuff from their dogs are always the ones that are in it for the long haul. The ones who understand that the behavior issues their dogs have weren’t created in a day and that they won’t be resolved in a day (or even in a few months sometimes). The ones who are basking in doggie glory are … Read More »

The Good Dog Minute 8/6/14: Foosa, leash reactive & dog aggressive GSD

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Hey all!so here’s a really cool video of Ms Foosa’s go-home session. Foosa came in dog reactive, squirrel reactive, dog

The little moments.

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Bad behavior and unhealthy state of mind issues aren’t created in the big moments, they’re created in all the small, teeny, tiny, seemingly insignificant moments that we allow.

The pulling on leash becomes the barking and lunging at another dog. The blowing off of a command becomes growling at guests. The barking out the window becomes territorial biting. The excited running though thresholds becomes a dog fight between your dogs. The pulling to a tree on walks becomes resource guarding.

Obviously these are extreme examples, and of course not every dog that engages in these activities is going to end up in trouble, but with many dogs, and with enough little moments stacked together, many will.

I specifically chose extreme examples so you could see what I see as a trainer every day. Little moments of bad habits – that owners often see … Read More »