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The Good Dog Minute 11/26/14: Burt (aka the frozen dog) takes his first walk!

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Hey gang, a while back I told you guys about a rescue dog named Burt the frozen dog. Burt is

The Good Dog’s Q and A Saturday…on a couch! 11/22/14 (Episode #6)

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See below for time stamps!!

Hey all, our latest episode of Q and A Saturday is alive! In this

Watch the oncoming dog and owner to determine your approach!

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When working on your dog’s walk issues, remember that the oncoming dog and owner are a big part of the equation.

If the other owner doesn’t have control, your dog sees it.
If the other dog is on a long leash and able to move wherever he wants, your dog sees it.
If the other owner is stressed and tense, your dog sees it.
If the other dog is a bratty, entitled, worked up, aggressive little monster, your dog sees it – even at a distance.
If you’re trying to pass any or all of the above in a tight space (especially with a wall trapping you) your dog sees it.

Remember, your dog is a super smart and aware creature. He’s looking at his environment and taking information and clues from everything and everyone to decide if he’s safe or not. If you see danger … Read More »

Sharing your energy

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If you’re working with a super-high energy, anxious, edgy, crazy dog, be sure to use your own energy to slow the dog’s mind and body down so the dog is better able to concentrate and learn.

Slow and relax your breathing, your verbal commands, your body movements, your rate of commands, and your praise, to pull the dog in a more relaxed direction. You can actually slow and relax an edgy and out of control dog simply by controlling what you share with him. (Of course using the right tools and strategy along with this is the best combination.)

Conversely, if you’re working with a mopey, slow, cadaver-esque, non-excited dog you can pull them into a more motivated and excited direction by your energy and actions. This one seems more obvious and most folks use it intuitively, but the slowing oneself down … Read More »