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Prove it!

Posted on May 1st, by sean in Training Tips. No Comments

Remember, if you’re soft, affectionate, and permissive 99% of the time, when finally decide to enforce rules and set boundaries, that decision doesn’t erase months or years of perceptions and associations about your relationship and who you are to your dog.

Just because you have a new tool or learned some training concepts, your dog – being the awesomely in-tune and aware creature he is – is going to require proof before he give it all up. Proof in the form of long-term and consistent commitment to new behaviors from you!

That’s the awesome thing about dogs, they don’t give anyone a pass simply because. They expect us to earn it.

So if you’re working on turning around long-standing behavior issues/relationship issues, and even if you’re using the best tools and strategies, just remember you’re saying, “I’m not the same person I was!”, and your dog is saying, “That’s great, prove it to me!” And proving takes time. 🙂

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