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Sometimes you need a no and sometimes you need a NO!

Posted on April 24th, by sean in Training Tips. No Comments

Be sure when addressing your dog’s behavior issues that you remember that there are moments that need smaller corrections and moments that need bigger ones. This is dictated by how big of a problem or risk the behabior is, how often it occurs, and what the intention is of the dog.

For example, you’re calling your dog to you on an off-leash romp, and as he’s recalling he looks away, gets distracted, and pauses for a moment. In this case, likely a small reminder will suffice. But if your dog consistently does this sniffing behavior every time you recall him in an effort to avoid having to listen, he needs something a little more inspiring. (He’s being a brat and making a decision to be disobedient.) AND if your dog blows off your command to run towards another dog or squirrel, then he definitely needs a big NO – or a big correction – to ensure there’s future mileage about that choice. (And to cultivate a better attitude overall.)

A few other examples where bigger conversations are usually valuable: Jumping up on people (especially with bratty intent or high energy), counter surfing, eating socks or other items that could be dangerous if ingested, door charging (especially if this is an ongoing issue), jamming out of the crate (or in), any high-intensity moment with negative attitude/bratty intent, any dangerous situations.

Softer moments, or moments of distraction (or confusion), can (and should) often be addressed more softly, but moments with more attitude, intensity, frequency, or danger (for dog or human), need to be addressed firmly.

You don’t what to nag or underwhelm important moments, you want to create future mileage, future good choices, and future positive attitude. 🙂

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