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The Good Dog Minute 12/11/13: Rory, transforming a super fearful/nervous German Shepherd

Posted on December 12th, by sean in Videos. No Comments

Hey all, here’s a really cool clip showing me working with Rory, a highly nervous and fearful GSD. We captured some great before footage with him attempting to run or escape any time he felt the slightest pressure from humans and some of his reactions towards other dogs on the walks, and then his progress to this point. Mr Rory has mad some pretty bad choices around other dogs as well as people due to his highly stressed state. What I really want people to see is how we utilize structure, rules, guidance, and the e-collar to begin to turn Rory’s default emotional habit patterns around, to remove the stress and anxiety, and how once that is accomplished you’re able to make some amazing progress! This clip is only 8 days in, so he’s got a long way to go still, but the progress is remarkable! Any of you guys have a dog that looks similar to Rory?

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