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The Good Dog Minute 12/3/13: Benson, turning a neurotic, highly-reactive dog around in 8 days!

Posted on December 4th, by sean in Videos. No Comments

Hey all, here’s a quick update on Mr Benson, the highly-reactive Frenchie, who came to us just over a week ago. This before and after is a great example of the kind of dramatic transformation that is possible in a very short time. By sharing our unique approach to structure, rules, and guidance, along with some e-collar enforced duration work, we’ve got an entirely different Benson. And the best news isn’t his good behavior (even though that’s pretty awesome for his owners!!), the best news is that Benson finally feels comfortable in his own skin, and is finally able to simply chill out and relax. Study the difference in energy and state of mind from just over a week ago…it’s pretty powerful stuff. 🙂

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