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The Good Dog’s Q and A Saturday Episode #20 (Answers for 2/21/15)

Posted on February 28th, by sean in Videos. No Comments

Hey gang, can you believe we’re at episode 20 already!?!? We started the Q and A video show because I couldn’t keep up with all the handwritten responses on my page, and didn’t know if this would work (or if anyone would care lol!). So happy it’s been helpful (and hopefully enjoyable!) for you guys. Ok, on to the show. In this episode we talk about when and when not to correct for reactivity, what the initial steps are for working with an aggressive dog, which e-collar is best for a small hand, how to deal with dogs who create dramatic displays at hand offs (this is for trainers), a dog breaking place repeatedly, a dog who has snapped multiple times, squirrel issues with a pittie, how and what we use to film and produce our videos, a dog who whines in place, getting a GSD to be more social with other dogs, how to deal with off-leash dogs attacking you, what is acceptable play behavior, and lots more!

The question of the week: What’s been your biggest/best take-away or aha moment from Q and A Saturday?

Thanks so much for watching guys! We’re heading off to go shoot our new e-collar DVD as I post this, so wish us all luck!!

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