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The Good Dog’s Q and A Saturday Episode #28 (Answers for 4/18/15)

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Hey gang, welcome to episode #28 of Q and A Saturday! Hard to believe we’re 28 episodes in already!! And for those of you who missed the previous posting about it, Q and A Saturday is now available by podcast! (See the below link to access it.)

In this episode we talk about how to work with a dog that is only reactive to specifically colored dogs, the foundation and overview for solving leash reactivity, what’s the best exercise to introduce the e-collar with, a pittie who growls at guests in his house but loves them out of it, working with a dog who is unmotivated during training, can you use the e-collar to teach a dog to “drop it”, what’s the best way to deal with off-leash dogs charging (and have I ever been caught of guard by a charging dog), how Laura got so awesome (this sounds like a planted question!), how to work with a dog that is attacking the other dogs in the house, how to deal with a nervous dog that is reactive in place and growling even with eā€“collar, we cover some cool stuff about our new e-collar DVD, yours truly has a song he co-wrote and played on in the new Will Smith movie (seriously!, we prep for Nola for our latest T3 seminar, and so much more!!

To listen to the podcast click this link:!/id987024941

QOTD: What’s your favorite personal development book?

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