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Posted on May 20th, by sean in Training Tips. No Comments

Hey gang, I was doing some listening to Seth Godin’s new audio book “Leap First”, and it inspired me to write a little something I thought was important.

Putting all of the tools and methods and recommendations out here in public for everyone to view and make their judgements on can be a little challenging for dog trainers. I know I was very concerned early on that it would alienate many people. Now, after several years, lots of blog posts, hundreds of videos, and thousands of Facebook posts and updates, it’s become second nature. It’s also become very rewarding to challenge myself about how I can better help/serve everyone that views/utilizes our work here.

Being a dog owner or dog trainer can be an extremely challenging proposition when it comes to searching out information regarding what methods/tools/approaches would best serve you and your dog or clients. There is SO much incredibly conflicting information out there – I don’t envy anyone attempting to make sense of it all and find their way. But I do applaud all of you who do the work to continue to try to find the answers that make sense and best serve you.

The purpose of this Facebook page (and all the other platforms I post on) is to attempt to try to share what I’ve found to make sense. What I’ve found to work. What I’ve found to empower owners and their dogs.

And the truth is, it’s not for everyone. Not everyone agrees with prong collars, e-collars, correcting unwanted behavior while rewarding the good. And that’s ok. (Of course you don’t have to agree with everything here, all I ask is that you are courteous and respectful to myself and others.)

The owners that tend to show up here to work with us directly, or that interact with our material, are usually those that have tried a multitude of other approaches and/or have some serious issues with their dog that are truly challenging. So we’ve worked hard to create a safe place for them, as well as other trainers, to come and learn and share.

This page is for the folks who need help. The folks who have tried something else and are still stuck. The folks who are still looking for their answer. And the folks who are simply curious and interested in other options (and have an open mind). I do my best to try to share whatever I can that I think will aid people in these pursuits.

Some folks might take issue with the tools, the approach, the methodology etc, and that’s ok, this page likely isn’t for them. It’s for you. You guys who need the help. This is where I come to do my best to share the truth and insights I’ve found helpful in the hopes that they help you guys. For the ones that the page isn’t for, I have strict rules about engagement, and simply ask them to leave. I want to make sure this remains a positive place where you guys can come and feel safe to learn and share.

There’s lots of places for the folks that this page isn’t for, and that’s good, but this is the spot for you, if you need it. 🙂

Thanks for being here! 🙂

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